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The Robarts Team

montsionJean Michel Montsion
Director of the Robarts Centre

Jean Michel Montsion is an associate professor in the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies at Glendon College. In July 2021, he became director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies. Jean Michel's research focuses on the intersection of ethnicity, mobility and urban research. From Singapore and Vancouver to Canadian Northern communities, he investigates the role of 'gateway strategies' in local and translocal community politics. Jean Michel Montsion was Acting Director of the Robarts Centre in 2018-19 and Deputy Director in 2019-20.

Email: montsion[at]yorku[dot]ca

portrait of Laura TamanLaura Taman

Laura Taman joined the Robarts Centre as Coordinator in May 2000. She holds an MA from York University’s Graduate Program in Women's Studies where her research focused on women and public policy. Laura is responsible for administration, research and development support in a wide range of research activities at the Robarts Centre, including project design and administration, assistance to researchers, and facilitating the work of Robarts Centre staff, York faculty, visiting researchers and others engaged in work on the Centre’s initiatives. A member of the York community for many years, Laura has served as: a teacher at the York University Cooperative Day Care; a research assistant at the Office of the Master, Atkinson College; staff at Reception and Course Registration in the Division of Continuing Education (Atkinson College); and Executive Officer of the Atkinson Student's Association.

Email: llt[at]yorku[dot]ca

Alex Felipe
Media Mobilization and Research Coordinator

Alex Felipe joined the Robarts Centre as its Media Mobilization and Research Coordinator in 2018. In a past life, he worked as a documentary photographer and videographer before returning to York University to do an MA in Geography. His duties revolve around supporting the media and knowledge mobilization needs of the Robarts Centre. This includes maintaining and updating our online presence (website, social media, etc.), designing and circulating event/project posters, assisting with graduate and undergraduate engagement, providing tech support for virtual events, and other assorted tasks.

Email: azfelipe[at]yorku[dot]ca

Executive Committee

Ex Officio:

Jean Michel Montsion, Director
Gabrielle Slowey, Former Director
Laura Taman, Coordinator
Michael Barutciski, Canadian Studies Coordinator, Glendon
Andrea Davis, Black Canadian Studies Certificate, Dept. of Humanities


Cheryl Cowdy, Humanities
Mario Di Paolantonio, Education
Anna Hudson, Arts, Media, Performance & Design
Laura Kwak, Social Science
Abril Liberatori, History
Stephanie Martin, Music
Laura McKinnon, Biology, Glendon
Marina Morrow, Health Policy and Management
Tameka Samuels-Jones, School of Administrative Studies
Joshua Thienpont, Environmental and Urban Change

Research Associates:

Dominik Formanowicz, Graduate Student Representative
Rebecca Lazarenko, Graduate Student Representative
Kate Reid, Post Doctoral Representative

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