Exhibiting Digital Animalities Book Launch event is now live on YouTube

How has digital technology reshaped our experiences and understandings of animals? Documenting two major international art exhibitions, Exhibiting Digital Animalities demonstrates the significance of contemporary art as a site for rethinking and restating human-animal relations. The twelve curated projects seek to broaden the range of artistic approaches to animals facilitated by digital technologies. Furthering the […]

Congratulations to the winners of the Odessa and Godard Prizes

This summer the Robarts Centre awarded the  Barbara Godard Prize for the Best York University Dissertation in Canadian Studies to Andrew Zealley, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change (EUC), for “Risky Beeswax: Artistic Responses to the Biopolitics of HIV/AIDS.” The  Odessa Prize for the best undergraduate paper in a fourth-year course was awarded to Emily […]