Members of the Robarts Centre

Members of the Robarts Centre are kept up-to-date on current scholarly events and research being conducted across the country, and they are eligible for our smaller grants and funding opportunities. Associate members are expected to complete the Annual Report Request Form.

Distinguished Fellows - Distinguished Fellows are prominent members of the community who have significantly contributed to the operations of the Centre and helped improve its standing, financially, publicly and reputationally. Distinguished Fellows are members of the Centre for a two-year term (renewable).

Faculty Associates -Tenure-stream, contract and retired members of York faculty

Research Associates -Postdoctoral fellows connected to the Centre, post-PhD fellows without fellowships, York graduate students and post-PhD scholars. Scholars who have completed a PhD may apply (with sponsorship from a Faculty Associate at the Robarts Centre) to become a Research Associate for a two-year term. Research Associates are expected to present their work during their period of affiliation and are particularly encouraged to do so at the annual graduate student conference

Robarts Fellows  -Robarts Centre Fellows will be recruited from select undergraduate Canadian Studies courses on an annual basis

Visiting and Corresponding Fellows -Visiting fellows are scholars with academic positions in other institutions; including researchers from other institutions in the Toronto area who may be working on a Robarts-related project for a specific time period, no more than one academic year. Corresponding Fellows are scholars interested in the work of the Centre.

Please contact if you are interested in joining our growing list of associates.