Listen to our 2018-19 Visiting Professors in Canadian Studies Talks

The talks from our 2018-19 Visiting Professors in Canadian Studies are now available on the Robarts Centre Youtube channel

Professor Paul Halferty, School of English, Drama and Film, University College Dublin

Theatrical Protest Before Decriminalization: The Gay Politics of John Hebert Fortunes and Men’s Eyes at Toronto Central Library Theatre

Analyzing the theatrical development of John Herbert’s autobiographical prison drama Fortune and Men’s Eyes, J. Paul Halferty examines the theatrical representation of male homosexuality in the years before decriminalization in Canada in 1969, and the advent of the Gay Liberation movement. Dr Halferty investigates the conditions that impeded Herbert’s play’s production in Toronto, its movement to and success in New York City, and elaborates the political significance of the New York production’s tour to Toronto’s Central Library Theatre in October 1967.


Professor Junichi Miyazawa, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo

Why Was Glenn Gould Canadian? A Japanese Perspective on the Pianist’s Mind

Looking back the life and career of Glenn Gould (1932-1982), Junichi Miyazawa reconsiders the enigmatic pianist’s imagination, both conscious and subconscious, in reference to the cultural, historical and geographical backgrounds of Canada. In the argument, CBC documentaries Gould worked for, including “The Search for Petula Clark” (radio, 1967) and “The Idea of North” (radio, 1967; television, 1970), will be illustrated along with Gould’s writings and interviews. As a non-Canadian scholar, Dr. Miyazawa is interested in finding out dismissed or forgotten but relevant realities of Canada to retrieve Gould’s life and time vividly and confirm his Canadian identity.