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(2 June 2021) Message from Dr. Gabrielle A. Slowey,
Director Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies

Dear York colleagues and Robarts associates,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the new director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, Prof. Jean Michel Montsion. Jean Michel is an Associate Professor in the Canadian Studies Program at Glendon College. Jean Michel’s research focuses on ethnic, urban and mobility questions as they arise in Canada’s relations with various Asian societies and communities. From an everyday life perspective, he examines the impact of port and airport infrastructure projects in Canadian cities like Vancouver on local communities; he documents First Nations’ diplomatic efforts in China, and he analyses the migration experiences of Chinese students to Canadian universities. He is also interested in ethnic and community politics of Singapore and utilizes Southeast Asia in a comparison to Canadian cases and realities. He previously served as the Acting Director of the Robarts Centre and currently he is the Coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies at the York Centre for Asian Research. Jean Michel will begin his term as director of the Robarts Centre on 1 July 2021. Please join me in welcoming him to this role!

As I complete my term as director, I would like to say that it was a real honor and privilege to serve in this role. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I want to thank all of you for your support for the Robarts Centre, and more importantly for your interest and dedication to the study of Canada in all its facets. It was a real pleasure to watch the centre grow and thrive in recent years and to support such a vast array of new and dynamic research. I wish you all many fruitful years of research and activities ahead.


Gabrielle Slowey
Director, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies
Department of Politics


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SCANNED FROM THE TORONTO STAR LIBRARY *U42 GRAPHIC Premier John Robarts. Photo taken by R. Olsen/Toronto Star July 16, 1969. Also published 19690830 with caption: John Robarts.

Honourable John P. Robarts

York University has one of the largest concentrations of Canadian specialists in the world. In recognition of this fact, the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies was established in 1984 with support from the private sector and matching grants from the Secretary of State and the Province of Ontario. It was named in memory of the Honourable John P. Robarts (1917– 1982), seventeenth Premier of Ontario (1961–1971) and seventh Chancellor of York University (1977–1982).  Learn more HERE.

The Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies is located on the Seventh Floor of the Kaneff Tower on the main campus of York University.

What we do:

As a designated Organized Research Unit of York University, the Robarts Centre provides leadership, funding, presentation and publication opportunities for graduate students. In addition to an annual student-run graduate conference, the Robarts Centre offers the following funding opportunities:

Faculty and postdoctoral fellows working with the Robarts Centre offer a wide range of expertise related to the study of Canada. The centre hosts high-level seminars and aims to support the activities of Canadian specialists at York University across a broad spectrum of topics. Academic visitors are invited to apply to participate in the activities of the centre. The Robarts Centre offers office space for faculty associates as well as the following funding opportunities: