Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members - 2016/2017

Gabrielle Slowey (Director of the Robarts Centre - On leave)

Laura Taman (Coordinator)

Christina Hoicka(Faculty Member)

Anna Hudson (Faculty Member, Acting Director - Winter 2017)

Sean Kheraj (Faculty Member)

Aparna Mishra Tarc (Faculty Member)

Roberto Quinlan (Faculty Member)

Philip Girard (Faculty Member)

Sarah C. Parsons (Faculty Member)

Susan Warwick (ex-officio, Faculty Member)

Andrea Davis (ex-officio, Faculty Member)

Colin Coates (ex-officio, Faculty Member)

Erin Yunes (Student Representative)

Evan Vipond (Student Representative)

Samuel Forrest (Student Representative)

A list of our Faculty Associates may be found here

A list of our Graduate Research Associates may be found here