2019/20 Northern Scientific Training Program

Funding Opportunity: Northern Scientific Training Program
Internal Application Deadline: Friday November 16, 2018

The Northern Scientific Training Program funds undergraduate and graduate thesis research in the natural, physical and social sciences and humanities.

The online application form is at

Background: In 1961, the federal government established the Northern Scientific Training Grants Program to encourage Canadian universities to train northern specialists to meet national needs. Today, it is the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) and provides supplementary funding to over 300 students annually at over 35 universities across Canada. The program is administered by POLAR as part of its mandate to foster science and technology in Canada’s North.

For more information on Polar Knowledge Canada visit https://www.canada.ca/en/polar-knowledge/fundingforresearchers/index.html

Successful applicants will be required to present their research, however preliminary, at the annual York Northern Studies Symposium held in November 2020.  Presentations are 15 minutes in length with 5 min for questions.

Applicants will also report on spending of the NSTP funds by filling out formal Research Reports at https://nstp-pfsn.fluidreview.com/ by October 31, 2020 prior to the symposium. Students are required to have supervisors to contribute to their formal research reports.