Associate of the Month: November 2016 - Professor Christina Hoicka


Christina Hoicka

Assistant Professor - Environmental Studies, PowerStream Chair in Sustainable Energy Economics, Robarts Executive Committee

Professor Hoicka is an esteemed member and graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. As PowerStream Chair in Sustainable Energy Economics, she provides leadership in research and teaching about energy and sustainability at York University.

Professor Hoicka’s research investigates problems in response to climate change where communities and energy systems intersect. She currently serves as the Principal Investigator on the research project “Sustainable Energy Transitions: Linking Pro-Environmental Behaviour to System Innovation.” This project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and explores the links between consumer adoption of innovations in energy services and sustainability transitions in Ontario's energy sector. She also works with a group of colleagues on a major review of biofuels policy and technology between Canada and India.

She has used her extensive research background in climate change and renewable energy to consult for the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario, as well as numerous private-sector groups. She also worked on the implementation of the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP), which improved conditions for investment in renewable energy in Ontario.

For her many accomplishments and continued dedication to the field of Canadian Studies, the Robarts Centre is proud to announce Professor Christina Hoicka as our Associate of the Month for November 2016!

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